Obviously, you know me, I'm can't-breathe-excited for Christmas (TWO WEEKS, this is NOT A DRILL) and all the parties / family get-togethers / binge drinking that the festive period brings, but my December has actually been so jam-packed so far I'm quite looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend this week.

I've got some work and chores to do tomorrow, and on Sunday I'm meeting up with The Honeys (that's the official name for my gal gang, lol) for our Friendmas Day, to include glorious roast dinner and present exchange. Eek.

Anyway, I haven't written on here in so long AGAIN and trust me, no one is more disappointed with me than me. So to ease myself back into the swing of things (I will eventually be dedicated I promise), I thought I'd share some snaps of where I've been / what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks. 


It was pretty cold, grey & rainy, but a weekend in Whitstable (at my Mum's house) was as dreamy as always. Treated myself to a bubbly bath as I don't have one at my flat and genuinely fell asleep in the tub. Special girl.

While I was at my Mum's I went through my boxes of 'memories' that have been being kept in her attic. These boxes are full of bits and bobs I've collected all my life. Amongst the array of school books, tickets and dance examination certificates I found these excellent old photos. On the left is my Mum, in the middle is my Grandma and on the left is me, my little brother and my childhood friend, Abby. All these were probably taken in Summer 1995!

The Breakfast Club in Soho is officially my new go-to breakfast joint. The bacon & maple syrup pancakes were too tempting and ridiculously more-ish, and I have NEVER indulged in something as tasty as the Salted Caramel milkshake. Yes, I had both...

I channeled my inner domestic goddess and actually baked for the work Xmas Bake-Off. I honestly did not know I had it in me, and my herd of reindeer cupcakes went down a storm. I'm quite proud of myself, even if they were a bit more rustic looking than the ones I found on Pinterest and attempted to copy.

At work (Paul's Boutique) we ran a competition for some of our dutch bloggers to win a day trip to London, and on Tuesday this week I got to spend the day with them running around London soaking up the touristy sites. Despite the bus tour being quite horrendously FREEZING COLD, it was actually quite eye-opening as to how I take the city for granted and how beautiful some of our most famous landmarks, especially at Christmas and when you're up above the crowded pavements. 

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